Finally: flickr is getting rid of NIPSA!

4 05 2007

Ok, I am a little late to this party as this happened actually exactly on my birthday already but nevertheless I want to report on it as I was one of the opponents of the whole NIPSA thing (see here and for the rest here, Wired article with a statement from myself and Spin/Eric here).

What was promised after the Wired article on it (thanks Kathleen πŸ™‚ has now happened. flickr not actually removed the NIPSA mechanism from accounts but instead introduced a filtering system where you can mark your photos as screenshots yourself (for me SL photos are still photos but ok..) and then you can request that the NIPSA tag is removed.

What is NIPSA?

For those late to the party here a little explanation: Formerly only real RL photos (very blurry definition actually regarding Photoshop etc.) were supposed to be on flickr. Screenshots and other things (like of course nudity) were not allowed or at least blocked from public searches. And this is what NIPSA stands for: Not in Public Search Area. As Second Life photos were seen as screenshots your whole account would be then marked as being NIPSA and thus won’t show up in e.g. public RSS feeds such as the Second Life Group photo pool (that’s why on the Second Life blog where there is a flickr plugin showing the contents of that pool never showed all photos).

With this mechanism of course also tagging your photos made not that much sense as they were not searchable anyway.

What should you do?

But with the new system this is no problem anymore. Everybody now can decide what sort of results they want to get back from a flickr search. They just need to define it here. On the account page they also show the status now. So if it says NIPSA there you might want to make sure that all your photos are flagged accordingly (you can set the safety level and the content type either on each photo or in the Organizr for a batch) and request a review of your account here.

Now this is great news, so thank you flickr and it might finally be time for me to get a pro account for Tao Takashi, too.

BTW, you can find the flickr blog post here for the full scoop.

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Video Blogging Week 2007

1 04 2007

Maybe unrelated to Second Life but nevertheless it’s Video Blogging Week 2007 and here is my video of day 1 of this. If you don’t know what it is: It’s happening from April 1-7 and you should do a little video on each day, edit and upload it the same day. Theme is quite open (which it is for my episode) but there is a suggested one:

       One vlogosphere, crossing borders, making new friends

But here’s finally my video from today (hope to be able to keep it up ;-):

Find more of this later at!

PS: I now also have a german blog, find it at!

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Voice Beta now open to all

29 03 2007

In case you haven’t heard it yet: The voice beta testing program is now open to the public as Linden Lab writes on their blog. There’s also a new version out now which has a new speech indicator which also indicated if you are just listening and thus making it easier to distinguish between people with voice activated and those without. So download it here and keep talking πŸ™‚

PS: Apparently they added also some new options for the key used for enabling push-to-talk and one if them is the ‘ (the key above the tab key). Of course with a german keyboard it’s not above the tab key, it’s the ^ instead. So international issues are still issues unfortunately (and the ^ is of course quite underused here, too, so it would make sense to have this as an option, too).

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BTW, I am twittering, too ;-)

13 03 2007

So, just make me a friend at πŸ™‚

For now I am just a little sick though, so not much might show up there…

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Adam Reuters nterviews Raph Koster and Jerry Paffendorf at SXSW, live at Reuters in SL.

11 03 2007

Adam Reuters informed me that today there will be two Second Life interviews with Raph Koster and Jerry Paffendorf. Raph is right now working on a eventually-to-be Second Life Killer called Areae. He will be interviewed today at 2 pm CST (3 pm EST, noon Pacific) at the Reuters Auditorium.

Jerry, well known to Second Lifers, is part of the Electric Sheep Company and will be interviewed at 12 pm CST (1 pm EST, 10 am Pacific) about Sony’s newly announced PS3 virtual world and where Second Life is heading. It will also take place at the Reuters Auditorium.

Definitely interesting interviews so make sure you are there!

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The AvaStar has launched!

21 12 2006

The AvaStar launchedA new magazine is on the block: The AvaStar. It is a product if which is the online edition of BILD, a large tabloid newspaper published by Axel Springer.

You can download the first issue now from it’s website as a PDF file. People who know this blog know that I am no fan of PDF files as they are cumbersome to read on a monitor. I’d prefer an in-world version or a blog style approach as this is easier (even the in-world version as zooming is more natural there). Moreover a blog-like format will have the ability to start a conversation which PDFs do not have and even linking to some article is impossible or cumbersome at least. Some magazines (such as SL Business Mag) seem to be on a good route to a more reader-friendly format and we will see what The AvaStar will do.

As for the content you can judge yourself. It is co-written by long-term Second Life residents and thus it shouldn’t be too far away from what really happens in Second Life (which was my fear at first when I heard about it). I still have to fully read it but so far it looks good and definitely like a real newspaper. I am just wondering about the drama level involved as I personally I am no big fan of BILD (more the contrary).

But judge for yourself, the first issue is out and you can get it at various locations (or the web as described above). Also open is now their island which was built by Aimee Weber and her team. Definitely a nice build but we have to wait and see how and if they will be used.

So I wish them good luck and I will check back later and see how it worked out. I also hope that more newspapers will follow suit and maybe cover some other areas.

Update: I forgot to mention that in the future it will cost L$150,- per single issue. With similar content as the Metaverse Messenger we will have to see if this works out or not. The fee at least might limit the possibilities of going with a more open format than PDF because a blog needs to be readable by everybody for a conversation to get started.

Update 2: I also forgot to mention the agency who realized it for Bild.T-Online. It is Pixelpark, a big german media agency who just entered Second Life but have big plans as it seems. So we can expect some more german companies now entering this virtual world.

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And the winners are…

21 12 2006

Yesterday the winners of the The Second Life Business Magazine machinima contest have been announced. The goal was to produce a commercial within Second Life for whatever product, company or service that exists within Second Life (and I was part of the panel for judging the entries).

So here are winners:

1st place: Trent Hedges and his Griffin Ad
2nd place: Trent Hedges and his Tugboat Ad
3nd place: Francis Chung for the Dominus Shadow Ad

Congratulations to the winners and esp. Trent Hedges (who I accidently met yesterday evening and who is a nice guy :-).

BTW, one video I also like, is the promo by Metaversatility which has a nice RL/SL blend and great editing.

All in all I think machinima in SL is getting better, which I was also noticing during the last machinima festival. Sometimes compression and camera technique could be better but some people seem to have an eye for good camera angles and editing.

And speaking of machinima, I also did a new piece, this time for Crayon and you can watch it here.

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