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This weblog is about the experiences of Tao Takashi having Second Life, a 3D, multi-user. virtual world, virtual society and business platform. After joining Second Life Tao realised quickly that just the fact of it's existence raised a lot of questions ranging from the relationship between Real Life and Second Life, about the possible interactions of these two worlds, about the emerging society in Second Life and about Second Life as a business platform.

This blog tries to address these mainly rought thoughts in order to give a basis for discussion and the creation of new ideas.

Virtual worlds like Second Life are still a very new phenomena and people like to compare it to the invention of the internet back in the 90s. If this will be true will be told by time but right now it seems to be the place to invent new things and create lots of experiments.

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8 responses

5 01 2007
Dixie Starr

I would like you to consider my Blog. I am very active in SL as an Artist, Designer and Game Show Builder.



26 03 2007
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24 04 2007
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14 06 2007
Tyffany Flintoff

Mr Takashi

Being the on the front foot and take the bull by the horns sort of girl that I am, I’d like to recommend my SL related blog to you for inclusion on your syndication. Inclusion would be particularly timely given my involvement in the rather fun “SLelection” for Governor, which you may be aware is running.


14 06 2007


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