27 04 2006

So it has been half a week now that I’ve been without SecondLife… Reason for that is some work commitment on some island out there without a regular connection to the internet.

Well, how does that feel? Actually when i was on the trip to that island I wasn’t really motivated to do something else except SecondLife. And it even took 1 or 2 days to get some email read at least.
But the island itself looks quite nice.. An old military base now open to the public. They did a nice job on all the details here (like cannons here and there) and it surely got inspired by some secondlife islands, I believe.

But to be honest, life’s also ok still without SL after a while.. We’re actually also doing great stuff here 🙂
(and if SL would be possible here I would not get any work done probably..)

Still I hope to be back soon 🙂

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Just one day in my second life

23 04 2006

To tell the truth it was sort of a longer day, but let’s report.

So yesterday was a quite busy day for me in SL as I was meeting quite a lot of people. OTOH I actually had to prepare my trip today and was a bit late in doing so after all resulting in some tiredness today 😉

It seems to me that one method to see cool places is to follow Torley’s trail on Snapzilla actually. So I came to see trees that really grow (over a month), the 2nd annual Ogre Village in Sandbox Goguen and met up with some people discussing some society and usability related topics.

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The case of Last Names

22 04 2006

So last week I was attending a little meeting lead by Cyn and Torley Linden about the planned possibility to be able to change last names. It happened that they wanted input from the community in order to decide what to do. So here’s actually my view on all this based on the meeting and some other input… Read on!

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I must blog about Tartarus Island

21 04 2006

I was browsing Snapzilla and found a pic by Osprey Therian telling about Tartarus. So I checked it out and it's architecture is just great!

Check it out yourself here!

Tartarus Island

Congrats to Musuko Massiel for creating it!

Tartarus Island again

SecondLife in TWIT #50

20 04 2006

It’s not happening that regularly that I do listen to This Week In Tech (TWIT) with Leo Laporte and other hosts but this time I did and what happened? They did speak about SecondLife. While it’s nice that SL gets more and more attention it wonders me why people are so uninformed. And even more so as I would assume that they would call themselves journalists.

So Leo was actually speaking about that “there is no naked” and you need to wear naked suits to be naked. I am wondering now if he speaks about skins? I at least don’t have to wear a nude suit 😉
They also wonder if SL will soon become as much bad press as myspace has become due to the kid harassment accusations which came up the other day.. But in that case they should have mentioned the teen grid which is (as I understand it) a method by LindenLab to prevent just that. At least one could say they are aware of that possible issue.

Last thing I want to note is that they didn’t know about the role of Mitch Kapor. They came up with that name but did not know precisely his role in this company. So those interested should simply read the LindenLab homepage.

So I just hope that they are better informed in other areas 😉

(but ok, you cannot trust media anyway, can you?)

Anyway, listen to it yourself!

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How “real” is SecondLife anyway?

19 04 2006

Recently on the General Forum page there was a discussion starting whether the world of SecondLife is real or not real. Also, when explaining to friends, what SL is about they usually come up with the remark that they don’t want a game but they want a real life.

So I thought about it, posted a reply and now I am rephrasing it in my blog. So read on…

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Tao Takashi’s SecondLife Video Blog Episode 2: Flexible Prims and cool lights

14 04 2006

Watch the video

This is the second episode of this video blog and the topics this time have been flexible prims and HW based lighting which makes the SL experience even cooler.

See my reportage from the preview grid!

Snapzilla Stream

12 04 2006

So I heard the name Snapzilla before of course but never checked it out. I did this now and just started to post pics there. I think I will use it as sort of moblog from within SL.
I also noticed that Torley Linden had posted nearly 3000 pics and I was starting to catch up just on one day.. 😉

Ok, I failed 🙂 But you can view my stream here.

Tao Takashi on Air, Episode One

10 04 2006

So finally I did it and created (dunno if it's the first) a SecondLife Video Podcast. At least the first episode.

It features:

– A concert by Kaklick Martin at the Main Stage Cornwall UK in the Burandt Sim. Great concert!
– some sailing impressions from the Starboards Yachtclub at the Hollywood Sim. I think they have classes and races every sunday.

See it after the break!

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Lawrence Lessig::Second Life

10 04 2006

Watch the video

Just found that on It’s about the appearance of Lawrence Lessig in SecondLife which I actually missed.. (wasn’t born back then).


This video was originally shared on by Jan of Sound with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.