SecondLife in TWIT #50

20 04 2006

It’s not happening that regularly that I do listen to This Week In Tech (TWIT) with Leo Laporte and other hosts but this time I did and what happened? They did speak about SecondLife. While it’s nice that SL gets more and more attention it wonders me why people are so uninformed. And even more so as I would assume that they would call themselves journalists.

So Leo was actually speaking about that “there is no naked” and you need to wear naked suits to be naked. I am wondering now if he speaks about skins? I at least don’t have to wear a nude suit šŸ˜‰
They also wonder if SL will soon become as much bad press as myspace has become due to the kid harassment accusations which came up the other day.. But in that case they should have mentioned the teen grid which is (as I understand it) a method by LindenLab to prevent just that. At least one could say they are aware of that possible issue.

Last thing I want to note is that they didn’t know about the role of Mitch Kapor. They came up with that name but did not know precisely his role in this company. So those interested should simply read the LindenLab homepage.

So I just hope that they are better informed in other areas šŸ˜‰

(but ok, you cannot trust media anyway, can you?)

Anyway, listen to it yourself!

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One response

21 04 2006
Torley Linden

On a Tangent, Tao, do you ever feel that it’s not clearly explained what each Linden does? As you point out, there are the Management details, but I occasionally hear a suggestion that our profiles could be more informative, or there could be a webpage, or SOMETHING. *Your friendly neighborhood Lindens.* šŸ™‚

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