High Order Bit: Seedcamp (Web 2.0 Expo Berlin)

8 11 2007

Speaking is Reshma Sohoni about how they come up with the entrepeneurs for their project.

Why Seedcamp?

It is all about creating, accelerating the next phase of european entrepeneurs.

The advantages of Europe:

  • EU as 11 of Top 15 broadband markets (actually 10 as switzerland is not in the EU).
  • Online advertisers spend 2x in UK than in the US
  • EU has an amazing young R&D talent
  • Europe has given birth to a lot of technologies: MySQL, Linux, etc.
  • EU has experienced VC companies (Index, ACCEL, atlas ventures etc.)
  • There are some great exits: Skype, kelkoo, last.fm, …
  • pipeline of leaders: Joost, Habbo Hotel, netvibes, spreadshirt, …
  • Entrepeneurs are actively investing such as Zennstrom, Samwer etc.

What is Seedcamp?

  • It is not an incubator, it’s a european initiative to catalyze the next generation of entrepeneurs
  • Comination of Seedcamp Week + 3 months immersin + Seedcamp on the road
  • Initial funding to get started and more importantly a strongly supportive mentor community
  • Organization supported by leading VCs, Angel investors, Corporates, etc.
  • The go-to community for entrepreneurs starting up Internet and mobile related businesses.
  • Seedcamp is backed by Euope’s leaders and a few friends (Google, TechCrunch, web2.0 expo, …)

How does it work?

Started a few months ago.

4 phases: Application & Selection, Seed funding, Company development, Seedcamp on the road.

The Future – how we work together

  • We want more hackers and less pure MBAs
  • Help us get the word out locally
  • Help us to create an active community (Forums, Facebook)
  • Get ready for next year’s seedcamp

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