So who is on Twitter? :-)

18 11 2007

I think it makes sense to ask once in a while again on different channels so I have a chance to follow you šŸ™‚

So who from my audience is on Twitter and I don’t yet know about?

Feel free to share your Twitter URL in the comments so other people can follow you, too. You can also add me, I can
be found at

As Twitter sort of became my main source of information it’s certainly great to check Twitter as well for nice SL events and other news.
(although with the amount if tweets I get it might get more and more difficulty to find the thing you actually search for at that moment).

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6 responses

18 11 2007
19 11 2007
Ryker Beck
19 11 2007

So, how long have you been in SL? Just joined myself, still getting to grips with it. Any tips you could share would be great. Thanks.

20 11 2007
Susan Reynolds

Thanks for adding me before I commented. I choose to take it as flattery šŸ™‚
Tynan Clary in SL

25 11 2007
Eshi Otawara
20 12 2007

Interesting blog šŸ™‚

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