Blog changes ahead! (this blog is closed, use instead)

28 11 2007
This blog is being closed! Use instead!

As you might have noticed I am trying to concentrate my blogs based on thoughts expressed here. The main blog address now is (CLICK HERE SUBSCRIBE)

So after some consideration and discussions I am now planning to pretty much have everything on one blog. This means, I have the topics Python, Plone, Second Life, Web 2.0, sometimes german politics, New Marketing, Old vs. New Media and many more on here. Some of the programming topics might even include some low level content (which means source code) but I don’t expect too much of it. It will also be clearly marked as “technical” in the headline. In the end it will incorporate content from the following blogs:

Then I have two languages to cover, german and english. For each post in german I will add at least a little english summary on top as you can already see it. I am not sure it’s necessary the other way round as I would think that most germans understand english.

I am also concentrating most of my podcasting on it. This includes stuff formerly found on,, and My videoblog COM.lounge TV will be unaffected by this but I might cross post some stuff here. My german podcast TopfCast will also move to then (and I still have to switch itunes here).

What does it mean for Second Life related content as written as Tao Takashi?

Tao Takashi will keep on writing which basically means there will still be english posts about Second Life (and probably also some video here and then). It just will be published at My feed for World of SL will just have the english SL articles as it is right now. For my full range of topics you might want to consider subscribing to my complete feed though.

Subscription options

To give you some more flexibility on what you want to read I created some new feeds based on the categories I use:

all my posts (with english summaries if germen)
only german posts
only english posts
only english Second Life posts for World of SL (old Tao Takashi feed)
only english Plone related posts for (old feed)

I am not sure if more are needed. You can also use these feeds to subscribe to my podcasts/videos in iTunes or Miro (or whatever you use) as they will all have enclosures.

So this will be a new phase of blogging and I hope all goes well 🙂

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