New Blog is up!

11 10 2007

So I just created a new blog or more or less reactivated my old technology blog. It is about all the lower level technical stuff such as things about Plone, Python and Zope. It will definitely also cover some Second Life related stuff in this area, esp. if the SLGA gets going.

Speaking of the SLGA: Zero Linden just presented us the goal of Studio Icehouse (which he is leading) for Q4 and number 3) of this was actually getting a viewer authentication running on a demonstration grid with an agent domain. Yay!

But back to my new blog, you can find it here:

Please subscribe if you are a geek 🙂

You will also find a lot of material from the Plone Conference there right now. Esp. useful for me is what I just posted.

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Some site updates

7 06 2006

I made some modifications to this website. First of all I have added a video only feed which might be more useable in iTunes for new subscriptions. It links to feed (via feedburner).

Then I have added some blogs which I do read regularly to the blogroll:

This list is of course highly subjective 😉

For any hints on other cool SL blogs please add them in the comments section!

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