Finally: flickr is getting rid of NIPSA!

4 05 2007

Ok, I am a little late to this party as this happened actually exactly on my birthday already but nevertheless I want to report on it as I was one of the opponents of the whole NIPSA thing (see here and for the rest here, Wired article with a statement from myself and Spin/Eric here).

What was promised after the Wired article on it (thanks Kathleen πŸ™‚ has now happened. flickr not actually removed the NIPSA mechanism from accounts but instead introduced a filtering system where you can mark your photos as screenshots yourself (for me SL photos are still photos but ok..) and then you can request that the NIPSA tag is removed.

What is NIPSA?

For those late to the party here a little explanation: Formerly only real RL photos (very blurry definition actually regarding Photoshop etc.) were supposed to be on flickr. Screenshots and other things (like of course nudity) were not allowed or at least blocked from public searches. And this is what NIPSA stands for: Not in Public Search Area. As Second Life photos were seen as screenshots your whole account would be then marked as being NIPSA and thus won’t show up in e.g. public RSS feeds such as the Second Life Group photo pool (that’s why on the Second Life blog where there is a flickr plugin showing the contents of that pool never showed all photos).

With this mechanism of course also tagging your photos made not that much sense as they were not searchable anyway.

What should you do?

But with the new system this is no problem anymore. Everybody now can decide what sort of results they want to get back from a flickr search. They just need to define it here. On the account page they also show the status now. So if it says NIPSA there you might want to make sure that all your photos are flagged accordingly (you can set the safety level and the content type either on each photo or in the Organizr for a batch) and request a review of your account here.

Now this is great news, so thank you flickr and it might finally be time for me to get a pro account for Tao Takashi, too.

BTW, you can find the flickr blog post here for the full scoop.

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3 responses

4 05 2007

But now, as what do we put our pictures of our own creatiosn in SL, screenshots or ‘Art, illustration, CGI or other non-photographic’ images. Though I hit the snapshot button, when i make a snapshot of my own creations it isn’t much different from a CGI. Difference is that it is a real-time renderer and a multiuser environment.

4 05 2007

Frans, I simply used Screenshot, asked for removal of the NIPSA and got the reply just now that it is removed (and indeed it is). I guess there will be blurry lines always and if we take CGI = computer generated image then an application window is just that πŸ˜‰

You just should make sure btw, that your search options are also set to find all images, not just photos, which is the default.

2 10 2007
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