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24 05 2006 is having an article about Alan Levine who has some problems with flickr basically hiding his photos from Second Life from public searches.
As I think this is important for all of us Second Life users I just copy that article here in the hope that you will also email flickr about this (see email address in the actual blog post by Alan) to tell them how you see that case. I just did it and I am thinking about more carefully whether I should go pro now with my Second Life flickr account. If there’s no definite statement from them probably not.
So make sure you email them!

Is Flickr Hiding Screenshots?:

Alan Levine at Cog Dog Blog has a bone to pick with Flickr. I’d have one too, if I were him. It seems, according to Alan, that a Flickr admin has deemed his screenshots of Second Life to be contravening the site’s Community Guidelines — which they clearly do not — and has shoved his Pro account into the not-for-public-consumption area. His follow-up emails have gotten no response. I’m baffled as to why SL screens should be deemed unworthy, especially when there are so many World of Warcraft screens on Flickr. Game companies are generally fine with making screenshots available for public use, and Second Life expressly grants users the IP rights in their creations, so what’s the problem? Alan appeals for help at his blog, so get in touch with him there if you have any suggestions. I’m blogging it here for that reason, but also because the 3pointD world deserves to have its images given similar respect to those coming out of the real world. The real world will always be more real, make no mistake, but I see no reason to disallow images from the virtual world on a site like Flickr. The social, commercial and other experiences that take place in virtual worlds are no less “real” than the interactions we have in the physical world. Visual recordings of such moments should be able to take their place beside photos from the physicial world on a site like Flickr.

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24 05 2006

Thanks for picking up on my cry in the wilderness.

FWIW, you will not have an issue if you mix your SL snapshots in with a more usual mix of photos of flowers, food, people wearing silly hats, cute puppies, clouds…. My mistake was loading it first with SL snapshots only.

But I still contend they are NOT screen shots.

24 05 2006

Well, as you might see from my stream I just did the same. I actually have a separate account for my real world photos.
I just haven’t tested yet the turnout of my photos in searches but will do that shortly.

I might also make this a topic in the flickr forums. But if there’s no statement from flickr about it I might simply search for an alternative and spend my money elsewhere.

And I also think they are no screenshots but this might be some sort of grey zones as might be with many things happen in the virtual world. Thus I would see this as sign that we are on the innovation side of things 😉

24 05 2006
Jason Pettus

I’ve been posting screenshots from SL to my Flickr account []for about a month now, and have had no problems from Flickr as far as copyright issues. Please be warned, however, that Flickr treats sexually graphic screenshots from the game the same way as human sexual shots; that is, you’re expected to tag them as “restricted” (so that only your contacts can see them), and not to post X-rated material at all.

Also, now that I’ve been posting screenshots myself, I’ve learned of another complication, this time completely sociological; that many SL players consider screenshots the same as real-life photographs, with all the restrictions that come with it. (No “photos” on private property, that is, obtain a person’s permission before posting a photo, etc.) Taking and posting screenshots of Second Life is a more complicated thing than maybe some people realize, because of the unique way that many players think of the game; I urge people to use caution and to ask permission of others whenever possible.

–Miller Copeland (SL) / Jason Pettus (RL)

25 05 2006

Just an update: Adam Curry seems to be blocked, too , at flickr, as one can see here. They really need to get this sorted out, it’s very uncool IMHO.

25 05 2006
Bryan Page

I think SL shots are okay on Flickr. Check out mine at and see if those work for you. I think the issue is a bug since Flickr went to Gamma and has affected many pictures, not just SL shots. Check out what they say about it on their site.

25 05 2006
Tao’s Thoughts » Episode 2 of “Yesterday in my Second Life”

[…] Coming back from Club Camarilla to my plot I found the next group of fans and after they left I moved got an IM that the rooftop party at Federated Media is just starting (which was at 3am in my morning already actually but who cares, today if holiday here). So I also went there and met another bunch of cool people (from whom I knew some already from IRC), like Frans Charming, Aimee Weber, Hamlet of course, Hal9k Andalso, Games Prototype, Spin Martin (I meet him everywhere these days), Tateru Nino and many more. I will upload photos of them to flickr as soon as that screenshot issue is solved (or not, who knows) but some are attached already. It was a nice hangout of various people from Second Life and for doing some business with Federated Media you were also able to meet Lovisa Tackleberry who does the advertising for it. I guess Hamlet will write more about it later […]

26 05 2006

Bryan: In fact gamma might be the problem with that photo of Adam Curry. But there’s at least one reported problem that it is the TOS of them which prevents shots from SL if they notice it.

8 06 2006
Tao’s Thoughts » Updates on the “flickr hiding screenshots” case

[…] I’ve blogged about the problem with flickr (first found here) a while back and recently raised some disussion (and here, too) in the flickr forums and told people about it. Nice to see that Eric Rice and Torley also do blog about it and . I also contacted flickr in order to get some information about wether all the facts are correct and the answer was (unfortunately) positive. Or short, as Ana just pointed me to the community guidelines. As additional result my account is marked as NIPSA now, too. (and I am not the only one, look here for a flickr discussion search) […]

4 05 2007
Finally: flickr is getting rid of NIPSA! « Tao’s Thoughts on Second Life

[…] but nevertheless I want to report on it as I was one of the opponents of the whole NIPSA thing (see here and for the rest here, Wired article with a statement from myself and Spin/Eric […]

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