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28 11 2006

Slow posting those times due to general business, but here are some media bits and pieces.

Financial Times Germany

The FTD was having today some report about Second Life. On the frontpage they report about the first million made in an online game, which is of course the story of Anshe Chung. They give a little overview about the economic capabilities of Second Life and talk about the companies already in there (although I don’t think Intel and Coca-Cola are really in SL, haven’t these been more one-time events for now?).

On page 5 they continue to talk in general about Second Life. They talk a bit about Linden Lab and how they started in a small office in “Linden Alley” (in the middle of homeless people) and how it went from there in 3 years to have an economy worth of 1,6 million people. They then go on talking about IBM and it’s boss, Sam Palmisano, who plans to give support to customers and clients via Second Life. Well, following are some more examples and enumerations of companies in here. And they end with CopyBot, which seems to be no real danger to SL but is nevertheless worth of mentioning. They even claim that because of that there’s still room in SL for a entrepeneur with a clever concept of a security service. Well…

Not enough, another topic mentioned in this issue is Creative Commons, which seems to be a topic quite rare in the mainstream media. On page 32 they talk about discussions about a new copyright law and how even artists are not really happy with it. There are some reasons:

  • As artist you sell your rights for not even existing distribution formats to your record company. If you don’t want this, you might get replaced. Prior they need to discuss another contract with you if they go e.g. from Vinyl to CD.
  • As privat person there is no right of a private copy included anymore. To be precise, you are allowed to copy as long as you don’t break any copy protection. But nowadays nearly every CD has this.
  • Artists do want to control how their work is being distributed. E.g. filmmakers do not like the cutting down of movies into little chunks for consumption via UMTS. With the new law they wouldn’t have any way to protect their work against that.

So all in all mostly the record labels etc. are profiting from these changes. Artists and consumers do not seem to be that important. A reason more for artists to move to a Creative Commons license (they give Beastie Boys as example).

Of course it won’t be that easy for most of them as they rely more or less on their record labels. But who know, someday it might change ๐Ÿ™‚


Reuters is bringing Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime and Warner Music Chief Executive Edgar Bronfman into Second Life this week for interviews. It is part of the Reuters Media Summit taking place this week in New York and according to Reuters more such events are planned.

Fils-Aime will be interviewed at 0730 PST on Nov. 29, and Bronfman will be interviewed at 1200 PST on Dec. 1.

For more information check out this link! Depending on my time constraints I will be there as this might be cool ๐Ÿ™‚


Leaving mainstream media we enter the field of Machinima. For quite some time I wanted to post a longer wrapup about it but as I am quite busy I did not get to it. But at least Hiro Pendragon did a bit on the Machinima Festival and as there’s even a contest attached, you should head over, read it and submit some cool film and win US$ 250,-  ๐Ÿ™‚

Something which is definitely clear is that we need more machinima artists and I hope that every contest will bring some more people into that field.

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