about my first days in Second Life

7 03 2006

I thought I write a little bit about my first experiences in SecondLife. Actually I have heard a bit before about all this but never actually tried it out. I heard about it on Rocketboom, heard about that Lessig talk and so on
But one day I finally tried it out!

So I signed up, downloaded the client and tried to find out what it all is about. And it was cool! Especially I liked all this great creativity inside SL. I was flying around, suddenly seeing cool architecture. Spaceships were landing beside me and people were showing me magic-like stuff. I also looked around in Clubs and found myself quite comfortable at the Camarilla Club (searching for house music I think :-).

Things also seem to get a bit absurd sometimes, like when the socialist party balloon is flying around and you here people talking in there “So, are you actually in politics at all?” and going on into whether people are more commies or not…

I found also some nice places for the beginning, like The Shelter, some of the sandboxes (I noticed that you meet the strangest people just there and also the strangest things), the New Citizens Plaza or the Towers of Primitives (and the texture lab).

So that were the first days. Now that I am a bit longer in there and trying to find out how to do my clothes, how to do buildings and so on. I also got a bit into photography there and you can see my photos either on my flickr site or on my buzznet page. I also plan on doing maybe some movies in there.




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