Vote for Open Source

3 09 2007

As you might know I am a big fan of open source and also active in at least one bigger open source project. And this is where we might need some help 🙂

The european union is looking for votes for their e-Gov awards which are about inspiring cases in the field of e-government. PloneGov, a bottom-up open source initiative, was selected as finalists although competing with large projects funded by national governments.

What is PloneGov?

55 European, African, North and South American Public organizations participate in the PloneGov project. In doing so, they aim to gain independence from large IT services providers by developing, essentially by themselves and in a cooperative manner, applications and websites for their own use as well as for their citizens’.
This is done in an GPL compatible way making it the only true open source alternative among the finalist in this award

And this is why you should vote for it. More open source in public places should mean broader adoption and maybe even helps against one of the biggest threads of open source software which is software patents.

How to vote?

Unfortunately the voting process has been made a bit complicated, but here is a list what you have to do:

You can vote until September 7th, so do it now! 🙂 Help make Open Source a success!


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