What you can learn from Pilots (or: finally arrived in Chicago)

24 08 2007

So it should have been an 7hr flight from London to Chicago but it turned out to be an 11hr flight with a stop in Detroit to get new fuel. Thanks to some tornado warnings in the Chicago area. We then made some rounds around Chicago in the hope to finally get in but then the captain said that we will head back to Detroit because of the flight hours. 5 minutes later he then announced “Believe it or not, we are now allowed into Chicago”. Yay! And it was an interesting approach to the airport with the sun just going down, making everything red. Flashed everywhere in the clouds, very greay atmosphere, very hard to describe but very cool.

Hey, and there is even one thing you can learn form it as a company when things go wrong: Communicate. Our captain did a great job on that by keeping us up to date with all the issues with what he is doing in order to get us in (and actually to get us in front of the queue because we have been the first who diverted to another airport making us the first in the queue back to Chicago again and esp. as we were an interrupted international flight). He also explained how long we can wait before he is not allowed to fly the plane anymore and so on. All in all that was the good part.

Then there have been many queues though on the ground, immigration is the most annoying invention anyway, the next one at the luggage area (gladly our luggage was there), then at customs, then at the taxi point… country of queues πŸ˜‰

But here I am now in Chicago. I haven’t seen much yet as I had to put something online in SL but this afternoon the latest I will probably head over to the Hilton (we are in the Hyatt) to meet some fellow SLers πŸ™‚

Good times ahead! πŸ™‚

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28 08 2007

11 hours from London to Chicago – I envy you ! My journey took 14 hours – which should have been a normal 52 minute flight.
I left my home at 10 am for a noon plane out of Minneapolis. I got to the airport to find my noon flight moved to 12:50, then 1:01, then 1:50. We took off at 2:15. At 3pm we were over Chicago – when the tornado sirens went off and the control tower had to evacuate. We circled for hours waiting for them to come back. We ended up being diverted to Milwaukee where we circled until we were too low on fuel to fly further and landed there. We sat on the plane in Milwaukee for hours. I had given up on looking at my watch. We had no food, but they did give us beverages. Eventually they got us buses and we rode in a bus from Milwaukee to Chicago – a 1.5 hour ride. I arrived at the hotel at 12:30am !

29 08 2007

Ok, that’s actually worse.. glad you made it nevertheless!

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