Jason Calacanis declares Facebook Bankruptcy

1 08 2007

And I know how he feels although I am not Jason Calacanis and I am far away from getting these much requests for whatever on Facebook. You can read his rant here.

And he seems to be right. There is just too much stuff you can do on Facebook and people are actually doing it. And everytime somebody does something they invite you to be part of this. Because it’s social. But maybe at some point it becomes unsocial because it’s just getting to much and you cannot really follow it anyway. I mean I am in some groups and got invited to whatever, too (not as much as Jason though) but I really never do something with it. So for me Facebook runs more as yet another address book.

He is also right with his walled garden argument which all these applications on Facebook face. It’s also something Simon Willison mentioned in his EuroPython keynote about OpenID as he stated that there is this whole open internet and maybe having a platform is some sort of danger for this open internet. It’s of course easy to do all your stuff inside one platform because of one profil, one account etc. but as Simon says, the same could be true with OpenID.
Jason adds to that that it even makes no sense to create your own application inside somebody elses platform. Not sure he is right as it might sense to _additionally_ create an application there just because of the number of people there. Just only doing it there makes maybe not that much sense. After all also Facebook could be forgotten again tomorrow.

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2 08 2007
Vint Falken

Jason adds to that that it even makes no sense to create your own application inside somebody elses platform.

You’re creating stuff in Second Life, too. No? Or am I understanding this incorrectly?

2 08 2007

I said that I think it makes sense to create an additional application there, not only in Facebook but as one means of many to get to your clients.

And maybe SL is different in that it enables e.g. avatar fashion designers to have a job which can only exist in SL. Facebook might be different there. But then again also SL Fashion Designers reach out and e.g. do blogs etc.

2 08 2007
Vint Falken

Aha, sorry. I misunderstood that part then. And yes, I think SL is different. *had written a very stupid comparison as to show in what way SL is different and then erased it* (Shall think some more, and if it sounds more correct then it did, will post it. ;))

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