slconference 2007 is cancelled

31 07 2007

From September 16-18 there should have been a european conference called slconference07. According to their homepage it is cancelled now. In the end it seems that they did not manage to get enough financial funding for it probably due to lack of sponsoring interest as their statement on their homepage hints.

So here is the full text:

The aim of the slconference 2007 in Berlin was to create a neutral platform for decision-makers from all areas within the “business” world, to exchange, present and discuss ideas, experiences, expectations and knowledge about Second Life and other virtual worlds. It was meant to provide an opportunity for networking.

Generally, there was great interest from companies and participants that thought the idea of the conference an excellent one. We were able to acquire a lot of interesting and compelling speakers as well as topics that they would present in their conference sessions and workshops.

Unfortunately, the conference did not offer enough impelling opportunities to companies to support it financially, even though there was desire support the conference in other ways and to help to make it happen for which we are very thankful.
Nevertheless, the financial risk is still existent. Hence, the slconference 2007 team regrets to announce that the slconference 2007 is cancelled.

We wish to thank all those that believed in and supported the concept of the slconference 2007 and helped us further to realising this Second Life conference.

Actually IIRC this conference was first announced as some sort of Euro-SLCC, then renamed to SL World (the URL of their homepage still said though) which was supposed to happen in Amsterdan and then transformed into the slconference happening in Berlin.

But what might be the reasons for not getting enough support? Of course it was somewhat expensive with 800,- EUR for the complete program but then again other conferences like the Virtual Worlds conferences are about the same pricetag and being a business conference this is probably ok (not for me though ;-). But maybe it was too much competition in the end which drove sponsors to other conferences as I must honestly say maybe have the better speaker lineup and maybe more importantly are also broader setup in not only covering Second Life. Still also those are too expensive for me 😉

So for me regarding Second Life it will be then the SLCC in Chicago and the SLCC in Düsseldorf this year as well as some more local come togethers. The latter, although with unfortunately the same name as it’s US counterpart and thus a bit confusing when talking about these, seems to have taken off quite a bit as they finally started to embrace the german Second Life community. This is good news and is the way to go. So I will be there and I will be even giving two talks, one about Machinima and another one about fundraising and community efforts in Second Life and what maybe even companies can learn from events as Relay For Life or things like the SL birthday.

So I can actually only speak for myself but 800,- Euro for a conference is not really doing it for me. Thus it seems to be more targeted at bigger companies and surely not for any kind of SL community (they neve

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31 07 2007
Hal9k Andalso

I’d throw a couple more factors in there:

1. The decline of the US Dollar certainly wasn’t making it any easier financially for US attendees.

2. They were focused solely on SecondLife, cutting out people from other virtual worlds.

3. Their bottom level sponsorship package was about as expensive as the top level sponsorship package at SLCC.

Speaking of, are you going to SLCC in Chicago Tao?

– Hal9k

31 07 2007

Good points, too. The question would be what are the key elements for a good conference. What are the costs and how can these be handled in a good way.

Speaking of SLCC, yes I am going 🙂

You, too?

1 08 2007

145 Euro for a complete Dusseldorf weekend sounds much better. Still need to find out what a good/fair hotel is nearby and how much that would cost..

1 08 2007

I think the Virtual World Conference in London will be very interesting

30 08 2007

Bad news, the community convention in Dusseldorf was canceled as well as the SLCC in Berlin. There is acctually only one left in Germany, Its called Metaverse 07. Its a virtual worlds conference in Munich (sometime in november). They have three main tracks for the conference: business, technology and community. The community track only costs around 100€ for both days (all inclusive price). This seems to be a VERY interesting conference with a respectable lineup of speakers. However on their website they claim it will be “The largest virtual conference in Europe”. I guess time will tell on that one. I considered attending the VWF in London, however i refuse to take out a “second morgage” on my house just to pay for the full conference package (around 5 grand) for a second life, or virtual world conference. Nothing against the VWF, but i’m a computer programer and second life enthusiest. The other conference in Munich just has a little more to offer me.

30 08 2007

I am not so sure about the metaverse esp. if I compare it with the one in London. The one there has far better speakers. Metaverse 07 has maybe some good ones but some of that will also most likely be just PR talk like the one about Calli Island (these talk tend to be rather boring and I am not sure what really to learn from that island as I once spotted camping chairs there). Of course people like German Guru are good ones but I most likely know already what he has to say 😉
I am also wondering if somebody will bring the cluetrain factor into play. So far I haven’t really seen a german presence which really got that (see my post about the business track observations).

And if you take the full package at metaverse it is also 800,- and for that money I’d rather go to London.

Still not sure whether I go for 1-2 days at least for the community track although that really does not look that interesting to me. So it would be mainly for meeting people.

I still would like to have some barcamp like event going on in Germany or Europe about virtual worlds. And the SLCC Germany would have been a good one.. So I am hoping for 2008 🙂

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