Philantrophy in Virtual Worlds – Discussion with Linden Lab CEO Philip Rosedale and Jonathan Franton, President of the MacArthur Foundation.

21 06 2007

Jonathan Franton

So if you are interested about philantrophy in virtual worlds you should not miss tomorrows (Friday) event starting at 8am SLT on the Annenberg Public Diplomacy Island (main event starting at 9am SLT).

Philip Rosedale (aka Philip Linden), CEO of Linden Lab and Jonathan Franton, president of the MacArthur Foundation will meet for a discussion.

To quote from the press release:

“One of the key tenets of our mission is to explore how technology can be used to build bridges and understanding between cultures, be they between or within virtual worlds or between countries,” says Joshua Fouts, Director of the USC Center on Public Diplomacy. “We’re delighted to host Jonathan Fanton and Philip Rosedale as the MacArthur Foundation launches a yearlong series of conversations with the Second Life community.”

“What’s key about this conversation is that it will be two-way — not a monologue, but a dialogue,” Fouts adds. “It won’t be a conversation to sell people on a brand, market a new product, or to make money on ideas, but a conversation to ask the residents of virtual worlds a fundamental question: What matters here?”

(Read the full version here).

So here is the schedule for the event:

Pre-Event Mixer 8:00 AM SLT – 9:00 AM SLT
Live DJ Cher Harrington spins original SL music

  • with Etherian Kamaboko, Hep Shepherd, Komuso Tokugawa, Rich Desoto, Ronnie Carr, Sarah Mac Band, Smily Raymaker, Virtual Live Band
  • Free t-shirts and badges
  • Information on MacArthur Foundation program areas and grantmaking
  • Original SL music information displays

Event 9:00 AM SLT – 9:45 AM SLT

  • Join Philip Rosedale and Jonathan Fanton for a conversation about philanthropy in virtual worlds
  • Short recorded video presentation
  • Welcome and introductions
  • Live voice stream
  • Questions from the SL audience

Post-Event Reception 9:45 AM SLT – 10:30 AM SLT

  • Live musician Hep Shepherd
  • Free t-shirts and badges
  • Information on MacArthur Foundation program areas and grantmaking
  • Original SL music information displays

Additionally I will stream this event live to my BlogTV show.

You can find more information on the MacArthur webpage.

Disclaimer: The event location was built by my company COM.lounge in cooperation with Sitearm Madonna and IBM

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One response

22 06 2007
Nobody Fugazi

Hrm. Well, if philanthropy worked it would have put itself out of business a long time ago. Instead, it has created an industry that employs lots of people while pretending to work towards eradicating itself.

Amusing. 🙂

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