WindLight and the wedding of Destroy Television and Walker Spaight.

29 05 2007

So the new lighting system has arrived and it looks great. Look at this photo or click on the next one to start a little video of mine which I did at the wedding of Walker and Destroy, what a nice couple 🙂

Night and Day and the new first look viewer

Click here to play the video
(this is from my german blog over at, btw)

More information about the new viewer and lighting system is on the official Linden Lab blog and you can download it here.




5 responses

30 05 2007
Rik Riel

Wait, the wedding just finished? How did you make the video so fast?

30 05 2007
Jerry Paffendorf

Tao, it’s beautiful. What an awesome milestone in Destroy’s history, both the wedding and that you made this. I love the last shot where Destroy’s ring is blinging out with her arm around Walker, with the new sky blinging out overhead.

2 06 2007
Dixie Starr

Great job. The lighting was dramatic and really makes a difference.

13 06 2007

Thanks all 🙂

Rik: The new lighting made it so fast as I hadn’t to do much with post processing to make it look good. Maybe a fast computer for transcoding also helps 😉

@Jerry: I hope Destroy and Walker liked that wedding. It definitely was a milestone also for Second Life as a whole (if not virtual worlds) 🙂

20 06 2007

The lighting is incredible. Your photos are great. The first photo looks almost like you applied a gradient to it. Es ist ausgezeichnet!

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