A tool for creating Sculpted Prims easily

21 05 2007

If regarding Sculpted Prims all you need is to create objects with some sort of Lathe tool (like in 3DS Max), then Rokuro might be for you. It was created by Yuzuru Jewell and takes some profile of an object in order to create the full object by rotating that profile by 360 degrees. You can even define if you want a smooth objects or 3, 4, 5 or 6 edges.

Here’s an example screenshot of the editor:

Rokuro Screenshot

And here is the resulting texture it creates when doing a 5 edge object:

Example TGA for Rokuro

And the resulting prims (one was done as smooth object, one as 5-edge):

Example of Sclupted prims done with Rokuro

Get this cool tool here.

[via Eggy Lippmann]

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12 responses

21 05 2007

I’m so excited about this tool but I’m confused. I followed the directions and exported a .tga file but when I apply it to a prim it just textures it. What step am I missing?

21 05 2007
Jen Shikami

You’re doing your experiment on the beta grid, right, Intellagirl? It’s not live yet…

Tao, thanks for the great tip!

21 05 2007
Das SecondLife-Blog » Sculpies für den Rest von uns

[…] Topf und Tao Takashi berichten fast zeitgleich über ein Hilfsmittel zur Erstellung von Sculpted Prims. (Würde zu gerne […]

21 05 2007

Yes, it’s the beta grid. What you do with the texture is the following:

1. Create a new prim, like a e.g. a box
2. Go to the Object Tab in the buidling floater
3. Change the prim type to “Sculpted Prim”. The parameters will disappear and a texture box will appear instead
4. Select the uploaded texture as the new texture. This defines the shape now.

Notice that this texture is different from the usual texture in that it only defines the shape not the design of the shape. This needs to be done by an additional texture.

22 05 2007
Yuzuru Jewell

Thank you for introducing my tool.
I am happy because the work that you are attractive is being made.
I will spend time making this tool easier to use.

22 05 2007

Thanks for creating that tool, Yuzuru! 🙂 It’s one of those things which I love about the community, that such things always come up so quickly and are getting down the barrier of entry for many! Great work!

22 05 2007

Excellent tip Tao, thanks!

22 05 2007

yw 🙂

22 05 2007
Second Life-Aktualisierung morgen (äh, heute) und dann gibt’s Sculpties auch im Maingrid at mrtopf.de

[…] noch eine ganze Menge mehr (zumal es ja jetzt auch einfache Tools wie Rokuro gibt, dessen Autor in meinem englischen Blog übrigens auch noch kommentiert hat, dass er es noch einfacher machen […]

24 05 2007

Could this program contain a keylogger?
Has it been tested on that?

19 08 2007

thanks for your tip , Tao

but just one question , with this tool, when you created an object , it’s always counting for one prim in second life?

19 08 2007

Yes, it counts as only one prim

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