and the secret revealed: Sculpties coming to Second Life

27 04 2007

Sorry for all those still wanting to solve the riddle but I just was checking out the nice sim Q and guess who was coming around? Qarl Linden!

Of course I head a question regarding all that buzz around the recent rumours about a new prim type or whatever it might be, started at Second Life Insider. Now it happens (as they found out) that qDot aka Cube Linden is in Georgia right now where he will give a talk at the Game Developer Exchange (GDX) and is going to talk about a new upcoming feature in Second Life.

So I asked what it actually would be which gets introduced there and Qarl was talking about something they call “sculpties”, something “about which the Lab has been very excited for a while now”. Asked what sculpties are he said that they are mostly something like NURBS. Further asked about it’s also about these better joints of prims which he showed in his Maya tutorial, he said that these won’t be possible right now but in rev. 2.

Unfortunetaly he had to head off quite quickly again but hinted that we might see this online on the preview grid either today or on monday.

Great news, indeed! Waiting for the next beta release! 🙂

PS: The description of the session at the GDX btw. talks about money in Second Life, see here. Guess he will either change the topic then or explain how even better you can sculpture with the sculpties and thus make more money.

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27 04 2007
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27 04 2007

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27 04 2007
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[…] Tao Takashi: And The Secret Revealed: Sculpties coming to Second Life – “qDot aka Cube Linden is in Georgia right now where he will give a talk at the Game Developer Exchange (GDX) and is going to talk about a new upcoming feature in Second Life.“ […]

28 04 2007
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28 04 2007
Gwyneth Llewelyn

I must say, the “viral marketing” to gather interest in “sculpties” was far more surreal (and, I’d say, more effective) than the story of Magellan Linden “discovering” a new continent on the mainland, a few years ago 🙂

28 04 2007

I wasn’t in SL back then but I must say that it was indeed a nice and well-thought campaign (esp. targeted towards the more technical people).

Now if Cube did this maybe he should switch to the marketing crew 😉

30 04 2007
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30 04 2007
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1 05 2007
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7 05 2007
Qion Ning

Just tried the sculpties in preview grid! great possibilities!
some example mayafiles can be found when creating a normal object , editing the texture, search for sculpt
there are example sculpt files of an apple, banana, a saucer, a rounded cube a sugar bowl and an S
I experimented a bit with them in a sandbox
There ‘s supposed to bu some kind of 3d software file format called maya..
have fun

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