Millions of Us opens new Intel Island

3 04 2007

Assembling the bike with epredator
Millions of Us just opened up a new island for Intel, this time for their embedded components branch. As an example the’ve chosen a bike which gets assembled by you in Second Life piece by piece and thereby showing which Intel parts are used in such a motorbike.

So if you visit their sim you can buy a HUD for L$1, click on one of the assembling workbenches and get guided through all the parts needed for such a bike. Once you’ve added all parts you become the owner of the bike and the HUD changes it’s display from the assembling view to a normal vehicle HUD and you are able to ride your bike. A track for that is available aswell.

A nice idea for Intel although we’ll see if this is of sustainable attraction to the Second Life residents as after all there’s not much you can do there after you’ve built your bike. But things can change of course 🙂

Update: Bill of MoU just told me that indeed parties and eventually races are planned and will be announced later.

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2 responses

4 04 2007
reuben steiger

Thanks for the writeup Tao. As Bill said, there are a variety of ongoing activites planned. For now, we’re very happy to have folks building and riding the bikes. Stay tuned for more!

17 05 2007
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