San Francisco Second Life meetup on sunday

24 03 2007

I am in San Francisco right now and it would be cool to meetup with some Second Lifers from San Francisco tomorrow (sunday). So if you are in that area and want to meet up and additionally have an idea where to do that best (I am staying on Grant just before China Town) please let me know and either email me to or leave a comment. Maybe having dinner would be nice.

I am probably off the net this afternoon and evening and would check later and post a final decision.

Hope to meet many of you! 🙂




3 responses

26 03 2007
Keystone Bouchard

Awe shucks, just read this tonight. We do need a Bay Area metaverse meetup though!

28 03 2007

I just found out about metaverse meetups through this video

I’m new to SL so I had no idea about them. The video is pretty cool and shows a brooklyn meet up. Is this what they are normally like? it looks fun

29 03 2007

Keystone: Indeed, it was probably a bit too sponataneous.. Next time I will plan more in advance, sorry about that

Suzy: Well, ours was just a small one and thus not too much like there happened but we had some fun nevertheless 🙂 (as said before, it was quite spontaneous and thus I had some replies of people who missed it unfortunately). But nevertheless SL and it’s people are fun in general and I am looking forward to the Second Life Community Convention in Chicago in August.

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