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19 03 2007

At the last voice beta test meeting a lot of stuff was discussed and I am trying to quickly summarize it here:

  • Most of the mainland will be voice activated. Channels, on which communication is taking place will then span multiple sims (like all the 4 sims of the welcome areas). This is important as you can also hear people who are in the same channel as you.
  • Parcels will get the ability to block voice (if I did understand it right). So you don’t hear your annoying neighbour all the time πŸ˜‰
  • Private islands with the old price ($195) might need to pay an extra fee to enable voice. Newer islands do not need that (those at $295). Voice consumer never have to pay anything.
  • The IM window will be enhanced so that you can invite a person in a one-2-one conversation to use voice chat instead. Same should be true for group chat. This audio will not be spatialized apparently
  • A new speaking indicator is in the works which shows also if somebody has voice enabled or not (which means if she is listening or not)
  • LSL functions will not come with version 1 but eventually later. Reason for this is that these functions eventually create lag on the sims.
  • the preferences will become a section which lets you define the in- and output devices (right now the OS default will be used)
  • Vivox might eventually offer the ability to place outside telephone calls from within Second Life, also incoming calls might be possible one day.
  • There will be changes in the way you login to the voice server so that it gets very unlikely that it will be hacked. So lots of encryption and stuff like that will go on server side.
  • The distance you are able to listen to around your avatar (by panning with the camera) will be restricted so that you cannot eavesdrop into other people’s conversations anymore.

There was probably something I missed but many of this stuff is under internal discussion anyway so we will see what the end result will be. But Lindens were listening and taking notes and that’s a good thing πŸ™‚
(and even Philip appeared as a little robot for 2 mins πŸ˜‰

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3 responses

19 03 2007
Hiro Pendragon

“Private islands with the old price ($195) might need to pay an extra fee to enable voice. Newer islands do not need that (those at $295). Voice consumer never have to pay anything.”

Hmm, for all the people who bought land before the price increase and were promised no new pricing, doesn’t this sound like Bait and Switch?

20 03 2007
JaneLame Reardon

Hrrrm, looks cool. Will my avatar still pretend to be typing while using the voice feature?

20 03 2007

Hiro: Well, I have a different angle on that as for me only the new price is valid πŸ˜‰ But the alternative would be that everybody needs to pay anyway I guess.

JaneLame: No, you don’t look like typing. You can drag certain gestures (or make your own) onto your avatar which are triggered by voice level and look now more or less like talking. I suppose that more animations will soon be provided by various residents to make this look more natural. Beside that you are inactive (if you don’t use the gestures) except the voice indicator above your head.

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