german Voice chat poll

19 03 2007

I just posted some voice chat experience report on the german site and attached some poll to it and thought I can share the results here. So here’s what I asked with the numbers:

How would you use voice chat?

Always, whenever possible (22%, 11 votes)
Never, out of principle (41%, 20 votes)
Usually I will use text but where it happens I will also use voice (25%, 12 votes)
Me and my avatar have a different gender and thus I won’t use voice (10%, 5 votes)

All votes: 48

Now you can make what you want out of that. Not too many people have voted here but at least you get an idea 🙂 (but those “never” people haven’t tried it yet, so who knows 🙂

Answers to that post include at least one guy who thinks it rocks, discussion in other thread were more about issues with voice such as that “I can better type english than speak it” or the gender question.

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One response

19 03 2007
Sean FitzGerald

As I just mentioned over at Hamlet’s blog – – these types of polls are skewed, as the are completed by current residents who obviously favour text chat.

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