Bits and Pieces from the Snow

9 02 2007

So I am back again, well, actually already a week back again but with no time for posting. But now I have 🙂 So let me quickly post some bits and pieces 🙂

Snow Sprint 2007

First of all I was at the Snow Sprint 2007 in Sibratsgfäll in Austria. It was the 4th in a row and it’s all about 50 people meeting, programming on Plone related projects and having fun together in the snow. It was a great week and thanks again to the organizers around Lovely Systems! Actually at first I didn’t want to go, but Jodok of Lovely Systems convinced me to do so as we are working on a Second Life project together and it’s helpful to have all the people in one room together. So glad I did it 🙂 And the results were good, too. We made progress on quite a lot projects, for a more detailed summary look in my dev blog or later for videos on my RL video blog.

Mountain Nightshot Rodeln @ Night Karaoke crowd Drinks! Snow Sprint people Snow Sprint 07 Snow Sprint people Spanky explaining Calendaring

Some media bits (from Germany)

Second Life also has still constant media coverage. So in the german edition of the Financial Times: A report about PA Consulting (with an appearance of RacerX Gullwing) and a report about legal issues in online worlds such as WoW or Second Life (actually the FTD has quite a lot of coverage, as you can see here). The same is true for Spiegel, a big german magazine and probably many other publications. There is also a vote at where you can vote what relationship you have to Second Life.

World of SL and it’s sister planet, blog aggregators for the Second Life and SL fashion scene, are constantly growing. The Fashion-Planet has now about 70 blogs and the main planet has about 110 blogs listed. If you think your blog is missing, just drop me an email and tell me the URL of the blog, the name and if possible (and you know it) the RSS feed address.

So that were my bits and pieces for today. I will try to post some more stuff this weekend (and I should do some more socialising again, so if you know a cool event in my timezone (which should happen before 4pm SLT) then drop me an IM 🙂

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27 03 2007

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