Rob Linden and his office hours

18 01 2007

Rob Linden during his office hours Rob Linden is the person responsible for the community management for the Second Life Viewer Open Source project. His background is in Open Source and business as he was working for 9 years at Real Networks in the open source department. He thus knows all the licensing issues quite well. He now is working on setting up several processes to integrate the Open Source community more with Linden Lab.

He also opened an office (a cubicle in the forest in Grasmere) and is regularly holding office hours there. So if you have questions about the Open Source viewer (be it technical or any other issue) feel free to visit him there. His hours are monday 3pm, wednesday 9am (if the grid is up) and friday 3pm. Read more about him here.
Additionally he is posting on the SLDEV mailing list (which is dedicated to the Open Source viewer) and he’s also often to be found on IRC on the #opensl channel on EfNet (

From my point of view all this looks very good from Linden Lab‘s side and it makes clear that their Open Source effort are serious and they are contributing as much as they can (although in some fields there are still some limits in terms of practicability, legal issues and so on).

Being pleased about the fact of opensourcing the client we can also be pleased about the fact of the support Linden Lab gives the developer community.

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One response

7 06 2007
raven standish

Please help me with my connecting to region issues-main alt can’t connect on usual computer-secondary alt is not a problem.
Neither is a problem on other computers.

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