Second Life Open Source Release Party

9 01 2007

Second Life Open Source Release Party

Big news need events and thus I am planning to do a release party for the source code today at noon SLT. It is 3 hours before the technical townhall, so there should be some time to hang around before. I am also trying to get hold of a repeater for the townhall so in case you are not able to get into the townhall sims, you can listen to it here as well (as long as the repeaters work, that is. Maybe some libsler can do some better solution with a bot which relays text to another bot somewhere? 🙂

I also hope that many of you developers will come and share your thougths about the source code, it’s possibilities and it’s problems. Non-developers might be able to discuss their thoughts and eventually fears, too.

The party will be held on the Theta sim, just in the middle above the sandbox.

Invite your friends, too! 🙂

What: Second Life Client Open Source Release Party
Location: Theta
Time: Tuesday, Jan 09, 12/noon SLT

Join the Open Source Release Party, today at 12/noon on Theta SL Open Source Party

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2 responses

9 01 2007
Taran Rampersad

umm – there’s a technical townhall today? Eek. O.o

10 01 2007
Taran Rampersad

good party, wish I could have stayed longer.

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