What is possible now?

8 01 2007

If you are having a virtual service company you might be happy about the release of the source code of the Second Life client as it opens up a lot of possibilities. You might be able now to add the features you need for your clients yourself and do not have to lobby Linden Lab to do it. This is cool.

But beware. If you implement a feature it still has to make it into the official client to be available for the majority of Second Life users. If you have clients whose users are willing to download your own custom version of your client it will work but also think of the need to update it regarding grid changes. Also think of users coming with the official client and thus not be able to use all the features possible in your build. There need to be sensible defaults for them.
And think of quality assurance (QA) which you also would need to do yourself (although I expect this more critical for sim code changes).

So it’s unfortunately still not that easy to enhance the experience as you want as for the official client it still needs to go through Linden Lab’s development and QA process.

And then again for the masses an open source client also means that many vulnerabilities might be found which might mean a lot of updates in the near future.

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