Open Source Community Building: Community Bounties

8 01 2007

As I reported earlier, Linden Lab is considering giving out bounties for features they want to see implemented. While Linden Lab has not yet a bounty to offer Adam Zaius now took the step to introduce community bounties for features people from the community would like to see implemented.

As he seems to have problem compiling it with his version of MSVC he gave out a bounty for writing a howto about it. Now it might be interesting to see if other people will follow and give out their bounties (e.g. virtual service companies) and to see how Linden Lab reacts and eventually adds money to given bounties or eventually even rejects them for inclusion in the official client (the howto is of course sort of a different thing here).

So these might be the first sign of the creation of a community around the source code. More will follow, I am sure.

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One response

11 01 2007
Signore Iredell

I’m on a free account and I don’t use credit cards. I’d really like -as an alternative to camping- to get small amounts of L$ for providing help. I’m usually happy to help other people, and I do it for free, but a few dozens or hundreds of L$ could move me to do it on a regular basis.
Bounties also help to understand which problems are the most important for other people.

I really like this blog, thanks Tao! Unfortunately I missed the party on Theta (I enjoyed a Linux users party though, dancing and compiling sources:

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