Taking a stroll over the Scripters Trade Show

24 12 2006

Every year since 3 years it is on: The annual Scripters Trade Show organized by Splat1 Edison of Azure Islands. It is showcasing many of the best scripters in Second Life and is ending today (I think). There are 6 sims dedicated to it with Skathi being the entrance. While waiting for my presents to arrive I took a little stroll over it and want to point out my favourites among the showcased projects. (unfortunately people are already deleting their stuff as it ended this morning as I heard :-/)


TrustNet is an interesting project. It is meant to replace the existing Rating system within Second Life with a twist. The important thing is that you don’t have global ratings but you see each person rated from your point of view. Let’s take an example. Person A rates Person B positively. Now Person A sees 10 points for B. Now person C comes around and checks the ratings for person B as well. C now sees 0 points because he hasn’t rated person B yet. If person C votes person A positively then he also get’s access to person A’s votes and thus person B now shows up with 1 point. Thus you see ratings relative to your own ratings.

The implementation is done via a HUD. It scans your surrounding for avatars and show them with their respective rating. If you want to rate an avatar you simply click it’s name and a dialog menu appears in which you can choose to rate or to do other actions such as ejecting it from your land, unsitting him and so on. The whole system is backed by a web-based database which will also have an web-based frontend.

It is distributed as subscription system and you can buy a subscription here.

The Elemental

The Elemental is a multi-purpose vehicle and can transform itself into various forms such as and airplane, an airship, a helicopter, a motorcycle and so on. It also has various combat systems built in such as CCC and others. Additionally you can change it’s color, the license plate and much more. Everything is HUD controlled and updates will come automatically. And the best: it is free. You can either get your Elemental by clicking another person’s one or you can just go here and get one.

The SLBoutique HUD

HUDs are the new thing it seems. Recently I got several of them such as BlogHUD, Reuters HUD, TrustNeT HUD and one for each vehicle I got. And The Electric Sheep company is joining this line with their SLB HUD which gives you access to many functions of SLBoutiqe.com. These are paying money into your account, searching for products and directly linking to the site. It also shows your actual SLB balance. A nice thing indeed and according to FlipperPA Peregrine many more HUDs are coming as they see it as sort of your personal information system for on the go. The problem I see here though is that at some point there might be no space anymore for more HUDs on your screen πŸ˜‰

So these have not been all projects. Of course also good old projects such as Timeless Prototype’s Multi Gadget have been around etc. Nice to see all this stuff and I am looking forward to the next trade show next year πŸ™‚

Ok, now for the presents and later I might add some photos πŸ™‚




One response

16 01 2007
Evan D. Owen

Hello Tao,
I just posted a half jokeingly “what-if” question on the potential of Second Life to replace an actual trade show. I doubt it will ever truly happed. Take CES for example, how would TV manufacturers be able to show thier latest models virtually. Even a virtual marketplace has it’s limitations as one of a humans major senses is touch. I am excited to see that the concept of a trade show is present on second life, including the fact that once the show is over the displays go way. I have yet to venture into setting up a Second Life persona. I have enough on my hands with the First Life at the moment, but I am excited to see where this goes. Thanks for the post!
– Evan

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