Give gifts with a value

22 12 2006

World Vision
I just wanted to give you a little pointer in case you want to do some good and help to fight poverty. If this is the case and you not only want to give gifts to your friends and family you can also give gifts to the poor in the world. Just visit
the World Vision spot in Second Life and select one or more of several gifts from their website which in turn get shipped to that region which needs it most. Articles range from non-expensive gifts like a library card for a child (£ 6) up to a grinding mill (£ 3660,-). So there should be something for every pocket.

This project is done by World Vision, one of the world’s leading relief, development and advocacy organisations, currently helping more than 100 million people in almost 100 countries. In Second Life they are represented by a virtuak village in which you can walk around and see some of the gifts possible in action and purchase is directly via a link to their website.

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One response

3 01 2007
Akela Talamasca

The piece on this I did fairly recently has more photos to look at, if anyone’s interested.

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