Your world, our policies

20 11 2006

Some days ago I received this message from the Second Life voting system:


Feature Proposal 2018: “Transparency in rules enforcement” has been marked ‘Can’t do’ by Linden Lab.
This has resulted in the return of any votes you had placed on proposal 2018 to your account.
Here are the Linden notes: Sorry, this can’t be done via the Feature Voting Tool, because it’s a policy change.

As it says on the top section of the FTV:

‘- please don’t put bugs or policy changes into the feature voting tool.’


Happy voting!

The request itself was issued by Lasivian Leandros after the banning of the 60 people from (I guess, no details are given of course) the V5 group. Of course V5 and it’s members have been sometimes of questionable behaviour but nevertheless also those deserve to know why they have been banned. And we want to know as well as otherwise it seems arbitrary for what one gets banned. Rules need to be transparent! Now this reply also implies that the actual policy is to be not transparent. Otherwise this would not be seen as policy change request but could be seen as feature request.

Ok, but now the voting tool is according to Linden Lab not the place to vote for policy changes. But where is then? Right, nowhere.
(Actually I was tempted to put in another vote for implementing a policy voting tool but I guess that’s silly and will not have any effect anyway).

Many people are annoyed by this and Lasivian is in the process of leaving Second Life altogether (actually it seems to be that case more or less already). He won’t be the last one I guess.
We need to have influence on the policies in “our” world and we even need to know what the actual policies are and how they are enforced. At least those getting banned should know why and have a chance to discuss it.

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2 responses

20 11 2006
Nobody Fugazi (aka Taran Rampersad)

Hmm. Good question. This requires LL losing some ‘control’, and they are understaffed… but it also hints toward governance issues.

Is the SL community ready for governance? I think the people who I am in contact with are, but with so many fresh folks coming on board who are easily swayed, the sword could swing the wrong way very easily.

Damnit, Tao, I’d put off thinking about this for a month! 😀

1 09 2007

It’s all about money, because the virtual L$ can be exchanged for actual $, it opens up a can of worms. It reminds me of the old-school AOL chat rooms, where you could get TOSed for certain things. It’s much clearer with a text-only chat room but this whole 3D world with its own money system is unknown territory but it’s also probably the next big thing and I wouldn’t want to get banned from it. But because LL makes money from people buying L$ so thus L$ makes the SL world go ’round.

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