Journalists not happy abount Second Life (or: Dell enters the virtual world)

14 11 2006

This morning I visited the Reuters sim where I met Adam Reuters. He had a Dell Press label above his head and told me that he was just invited to some Dell press event but wouldn’t know more himself. But apparently Dell is coming into Second Life as this TechCrunch article reveals.

It does not only reveal this fact but also that journalists seem to be unhappy of the growing amount of announcements made inside Second Life as it’s a hassle for them to get there. First of all you need to be invited (and TechCrunch wasn’t according to the article) and then you also would need a Second Life account. All this costs time and thus some journalists seem to boycott such events now.

So this makes me thinking how much sense it still makes for companies to announce RL news inside Second Life after the media hype is over. Apparently the main goal here is to raise even more awareness of the news by attaching the label “Second Life” to it, which stands for hipness I guess. With the new trend of journalists being pissed by that it there is a small possibilities that it will get less but then again bad news is good news and there will still be enough people around to report about it.

So it might be interesting to watch what will be happening in that sector. Adam Reuters at least believes in many more such press events despite the points raised above. And I guess he is right ๐Ÿ™‚

PS: As for the actual announcement, TechCrunch expects “a virtual, configurable computer store thatโ€™s gamer-focused, or something similar” while I personally just think it might just be RL news but we will know soon I guess.

Update: Ok, it will be the release of their island complete with factory etc. The event will be today at 12:15 pm, more information here.

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14 11 2006
The Daily Graze » Blog Archive » Not Everything Works in SL

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14 11 2006
Nobody Fugazi (aka Taran Rampersad)

Looks like it’s invite only over at the Dell Island whizzbang. Looks like they only want FL journalists there. Sucks for them.

14 11 2006
Technews » Blog Archive » Journalists not happy abount Second Life (or: Dell enters the …

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14 11 2006
Hiro Pendragon

Recent “Announce RL news in SL” events have turned some mouths sour, but today’s announcement was very much about Dell’s involvement in Second Life.

14 11 2006
Hiro Pendragon

Additionally, there were several SL journalists, as they were specifically invited. The limit to the people was less about space on the sim, and more about room on a telephone conference call. However, the event was filmed by machinimists, and the conference will be available at a date soon.

14 11 2006

Looking forward to check out the sim and machinima then ๐Ÿ™‚
(don’t get that with the conference call though. This wasn’t then streamed into the sim?)

15 11 2006
Nobody Fugazi (aka Taran Rampersad)

ahh, but it blows chunks. SL coverage on it was overshadowed copybot anyway.

Personally, I thought it was kept quiet to keep people from pestering Plinden. As it is, it worked out in that regard – the Dell thing could quickly have turned into a Copybot spot.

21 11 2006
starcomber Vig

This must be one of the most boring tours you can take in your life after the Disneyworld one. Do you want to see how Dell assembles PCs? A naive resemblance of what Dell “wants to look like”, and never will. Let’s hope they buy the online storefront from Apple, at least that may be usable and work.

6 12 2006
jack lucas

Theres more to worry about than DELL with Second Life. Thing about Second Life is when you join you are offered a choice of Avatars. All have nice smiley WHITE faces, unless you want to pose as a Racoon.
And in the adult Horizons Resort, one character, Palad, says whenever the issue arises, we wishes the “furries” would stick to their own “community”. He defends his views, but incites others to act and questions whether some people – ie minorities – should have the “right to breed”. His girlfriend Felicity dismisses all Scots as “mean” and the few who have dared protest this RAMPANT RACISM have been arbitrarily thrown off the site by a defiant management

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