Pi Island Community Event

12 11 2006

Today beginning at noon we will hold a Pi Island Community Event where some residents of the Second Life Developer Archipelago Group (SLDA) who reside on the Pi Islands will show what they are up to. Feel free to drop in and have a look around.

Here is a list of activities:

– Morph Wollongong will show his creations and give out freebies (starting at 12)

– Tao Takashi will show videos about the open source content manegement system Plone. These are mostly these which were recorded during the latest Plone Conference in Seattle. (12-3pm). Some of these can also be seen already on COM.lounge TV.

– Marymac Dougall will hold an auction on her lands on Theta to benefit a national breast cancer organization, Y-me.org. Merchandise, donated by Mash Mandala, is viewable at the aforementioned location and will go up for auction beginning at 1pm game time. Free tee shirts and other mechandise available with sales going to Y-me.org as well.

– Marcus Moreau gives Pi Islands and the SLDA (SL Developer Archipelago) information.

You can find the welcome area for the event here.




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12 11 2006
Pi Islands Community Event « Machinimoo

[…] Thanks, Tao, for reminding me! I spent all day yesterday spiffing up my plot so that people could see what I do in SL, but I forgot to blog about it! […]

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