On my way to the states

22 10 2006

So I am sitting here in an airport hotel, listening to the great sound of starting airplanes, having a crappy internet connection for a high price and soon leaving to the airport to go to the US.

First stop will be Seattle (Oct 23-Oct 29) for the Plone Conference, which we will stream into Second Life and then I will head over to San Francisco to meet some Second Lifer’s and see that cool city.

So if you happen to be in SF or in Seattle and want to meetup just send me a note either via IM or email.

I am very much looking forward to this 🙂

(but it also means that I am sort of unresponsive when it comes to worldofsl.com or other stuff. But it will not be forgotten).




4 responses

4 11 2006

Hey Tao, you lucky traveller you, have a safe trip back!

On World of SL, what do you recommend subscribing to? The RSS or ATOM feed? I noticed that, at least recently, RSS shows the name of the individual blog too. For example:

RSS – Torley: What does checking email have to do with my fave fruit?
ATOM – What does checking email have to do with my fave fruit?

5 11 2006

Honestly I don’t know as I simply use the website 😉
And probably it doesn’t really matter, but if RSS shows the name, too, maybe use that. I really haven’t looked at the code generating it but I wonder if that might be a good addition to ATOM, too. Will put it on my TODO-list 🙂

8 11 2006

Ah no worries Tao, thanx for letting me know! Hehe… *reads your latest blog entries with much excitement*

What happened is I subscribed to the RSS feed in Bloglines and have Titles view on to parse through things quickly, it’s been so crazy lately and it’s great to get to the news fast with World of SL.

I am also wondering, what do you think of including a submission form to be included on World of SL? Perhaps maybe a simple email form… it’s grown so much and will just continue to grow and grow I hope! 😀

8 11 2006

It’s on my TODO list to work on all that but unfortunately I have very little time at the moment. But I will announce when something new is ready 🙂

and thanks for the feedback 🙂

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