Open Source CMS Plone enters Second Life with virtual Plone Conference

19 10 2006

In less than  one week the 4th annual Plone Conference will start in Seattle and I will go there (yay!) 🙂 I am very much looking forward to it as there will be over 300 people from the community there and it’s always fun to meet and discuss with them (and listen to the talks and tutorials of course). More information about the conference here. One highlight of the conference will be definitely the keynote of Eben Moglen who is among other things working right now on the GPL v3, an important Open Source license. What is not so known is the fact that he was also involved in founding the Plone Foundation.

So what is Plone? Plone is an open source Content Management System written in Python. It tries to be user-friendly and flexible at once. I am personally using it for my company as we do Plone consulting and additionally we take part in the development process via sprints etc.

And now we are trying to bring this conference to Second Life (at least partly as I cannot stream every of the 4 rooms). We checked the bandwidth and I happen to have some free server bandwidth around. So a location was build on my new plot in Theta (photos below). And now it’s hopefully all ready to go.

if you want to join, feel free to do so from in the time of Oct 25-27 approx. 10am to 6pm SLT and check out the complete agenda here (I hope to get all keynotes streamed and I will choose one of the rooms in the meantime). We will also try to get a back channel for questions working. Dues to the lack of time we don’t have SL projected on the wall though.

Click here for the location.

About the location

The conference location will probably convert to some information/educational place in the future. Already on there are 4 video booths which play videos about how to use Plone and an interview between me and one of the Zope developers (on which Plone is based) back from the EuroPython conference in Geneva. So in the future I want to add more such videos and video blogs and more information material on the open source projects Plone, Python and Zope.

I am very excited about my trip to the US and the conference in SL and RL and if you are interested in it I hope to see you there!

Plone Conference Location

Video Booths at the Plone Conference Area

Plone Conference 2006 Venue in Second Life.

PS: After Seattle I will fly down to San Francisco. So if you are either in Seattle or SF, please contact me so we eventually can meetup 🙂

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25 10 2006
Natespace » Blog Archive » Plone Conference enters Second Life

[…] Created by Christian Scholtz (aka MrTopf), the Plone Conference in Second Life is free to attend, and all you need to do is download Second Life and create a character. See Christian’s blog post for screenshots and read the press release. If you decide to teleport in, look for me – my character is Fergut Huskerdu. […]

25 10 2006
The Click Heard Round the World

Plone Conference re-broadcast in Second Life Oct 25-27

SL developer Tao Takashi sends out the cool news that he has organized an in-world re-broadcast of the proceedings of the 2006 Plone Conference taking place from October 25-27 in Seattle, WA. Plone is a powerful open-source web content management

6 11 2006
Seattle/San Francisco trip recap « Tao’s Thoughts on Second Life

[…] So I am on my flight back from a great trip. It started with the Plone Conference in Seattle which we broadcasted into Second Life (more on that in a follow-up post) and which had 350 attendees, 70% being for the first time at such a conference. We also had training in front of it which was attended by 130 people (if you don’t know what Plone is, it’s an Open Source Content Management System, more info about it can be found at […]

21 11 2006
Plone Belgium Meeting streamed into Second Life « Tao’s Thoughts on Second Life

[…] And we do it again. After the streaming of the Plone Conference in October and the Plone Boston Meetup we will now stream the Plone Belgium Meeting into Second Life. It will be held in Brussels and will take place from 5am to 1pm SLT. The location is the same, so feel free to join us there! […]

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