Photos of the Reuters sim

16 10 2006

The news is old already that Reuters entered Second Life. So after one week of events by Millions of Us it seems that we will now have a week with events by The Electric Sheep Company if we also take the upcoming concert of Ben Folds in the aloft island sim as well as the entrance of Sony BMG into Second Life.

So find below some of the photos I made today at the Reuters sim. Quite some people have been around (and still are), so take a look yourself!

reuters1 reuters2 reuters3


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5 responses

17 10 2006
Aren Mandala

Just wanted to say that you take the best SL pictures! Thanks for posting them.

17 10 2006
17 10 2006

Thanks, Aren πŸ™‚ Some call them simply screenshots, though πŸ˜‰

17 10 2006
Jerry Paffendorf/SNOOPYbrown Zamboni

Ditto Aren. Beautiful pics, man! Wow.

26 04 2007
csi ny cast member

csi ny cast member

The csi ny cast member

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