Some more (and final photos) of the 72 hour build-a-thon

15 10 2006

This morning the event came to an end and Versu and all the people involved finally got to rest. Congratulations to everybody, it was a cool event. Of course it was mainly a marketing event it seems but I think it’s a push in more mixed reality events and it’s differently at least from just streaming video back and forth as it’s usually has been done with former events. And this event was actually completely build around Second Life and mostly happening in there (or to the same parts maybe).
Too bad just that the Real Life video could not be streamed in-world. This might be a problem due to the actually commercial nature of this event so wishes of the company come first and this meant to use the Windows Media format.

So let’s hope for some more aristic event utilizing mixed reality even better and maybe without the handicap of being a marketing effort (not said that companies might be sponsors of that of course).

Ok, so here’s some final photos of the event and some video footage will come shortly, too.

NYC Live window

NYC Live window

NYC Live window

UPDATE: The sim is now open I think , so visit Live Without Boundaries (now really 😉

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2 responses

15 10 2006
Rik Riel

Tao’s pics are always so much shinier than mine. Wah.

15 10 2006
The Click Heard Round the World

Final pics from Versu’s 72-hour build-a-thon

Versu did it! She emerged, unscathed (and dry) from her 72-hour voluntary confinement to a storefront window for a virtual build-a-thon from the corner of 39th Street and 5th avenue. The results from my non-expert perspective are quite impressive, with

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