Süddeutsche Zeitung reports about Second Life

13 10 2006

Big german newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung” reported about Second Life in their print and online edition yesterday. For those who don’t understand german, here’s a quick summary.
Basically they give the basic description of Second Life, mentioning history of Metaverses in general (mentioning Snow Crash) and explaining the business model of Second Life’s creator Linden Lab.

They then explore the world a bit, speaking about the great diversity in creations going on in a sandbox or the variety of avatar appearances. They go on with talking about how the creators retain their copyrights and how they are able to sell their stuff in Second Life, giving the rough number of the economy. As example they introduce the work of psychology professor Peter Yellowlees and his work to showcase schizophrenia. They also tell about Real Life brands and people coming to Second Life such as Ex-Governor Mark Warner, the press conference of Sun Microsystems and the general model of how this works and what their goals are.

Their conclusion is that although Second Life is usually put side to side to internet phenomena like YouTube or MySpace they say it’s something completely new, Web 3D instead of Web 2.0. They end with an explanation of mixed world events (actually we call it mixed reality events I think) giving as example the birthday party of Second Life where there were also projections from the in-world party at the real life party at Linden Lab.

So, that’s a rough summary. Overall it’s good sign I think that not only the sexual activies within Second Life are in the foreground anymore but instead more the great rest of it.

(as a result of this article some business contact of mine already jumped into Second Life and contacted me some minutes ago to learn about cool places to visit).

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