Feature requests

13 10 2006

Hey, Linden Lab, here are some feature requests, please implement them ASAP 😉

  • Add another 25 groups because mine are full again (lateley I had to join some to get access to some sims for some work so these are basically just used for permissions but eat up space nevertheless). Why is there a limit at all?
  • When adding a friend remotely (Friends-List/Add) it would be nice to have some dialog to ask for some message as it’s usually the case with such services. So people can write why they want to friend somebody (e.g. some RL friend).
  • Why not add the Add friend button to the profile, too. That was where I first searched for it
  • When I receive objects offline it does not give the name of that object. When I forgot to check what was given directly at the beginning of my next login I have a hard time finding that stuff (never sure whether it was a notecard, an object or whatever). So why not give the name of the object aswell? And the Transaction History on the web also does not say this.

All of them are more or less quick changed I’d think. But while you are on it, what about HTML-on-a-prim? 😉

Ok, just came to mind and xmas is approaching quickly so I thought I’d better post it early 🙂

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