The 2006 Machinima Award nominations have been announced

11 10 2006

and 4 Second Life machinima makers are among them!

Pierce Portocarrero of Oddwadd, well known machinima creator within Second Life is nominated in three categories (Best Virtual Performance: Custom Animation, Best Visual Design and Best Technical Achievement) with his latest machinima piece called “Game Over” (and I quickly spoke to him recently. In fact he created everything in the movie himself. Great work!).

Rob Wright (aka Robbie Dingo in SL), also known for his outstanding machinima in Second Life but also for instrument and art projects, is nominated in the category Best Virtual Performance: Custom Animation for his movie “Better Life“.

Ricard Gras of LA INTERACTIVA is nominated in the category Best Visual Design for the movie “Machinima Island (Trailer)“.

Finally, Eric Call (aka Eric Linden) of Linden Lab for the movie “Silver Bells & Golden Spurs” in the categories Best Technical Achievement and Best Commercial Machinima.

Congratulations to all those people for those outstanding movies and their nominations!

See all the nominations here. The 2006 Machinima Festival will take place from Nov 4-5 in the Museum of the Moving Image, Astoria, NY, USA.

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