Sun Press conference going on right now

10 10 2006

It’s interesting that there is now some debate on who’s the first on press conferences but that’s just the thing with Second Life. Soon I guess there is not that much room anymore for being the first on something but maybe (hopefully) to be the best on something. I am not sure though it will be about who’s doing the best press conference (although who knows. In Second Life everything is new and it’s maybe not even clear how to do a press conference the best way).

But anyway, it’s going on at the Sun Pavillon sim (which is restricted right now) and it’s about gaming and rendering and the Project Darkstar which is a new developer initiative for multi-player games.

And I am filming it so you might see a summary of it someday. I also hope the mp3 of the recording will be released. Will check that and tell you.

Update: The mp3 of the press conference can be found over at (cool new splash page, dude! 🙂

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