16 09 2006

Just in case you haven’t heard about it yet I thought I give you some pointers to some new publications.

The first one is a podcast and can find it under and it’s by Jeremy Vaught (aka Jeremy Flagstaff in Second Life. It once just was a blog but Jeremy told me that he was beaten by people to get this thing going 😉 So right now there are two podcasting episodes up, one with Mark Barrett of and one with Eric Rice aka Spin Martin. There’s also some recording of the SLCC SecondCast episoded or at least some bits.

The other project is still in the creation phase and it’s called IN THE GRID and is managed by Jason Pettus (aka Miller Copeland in Second Life). He is a 15-year real-life veteran of publishing and the literary community and thus should have some knowledge in that area. His magazine “concentrates on the underground, artistic and transgressive elements of Second Life; new musicians, cutting-edge artists and programmers, owners of fetish clubs and more”.

First I thought it’s only published in PDF (which I’d dislike as my readers might know) but after talking to him again he explained to me that in fact he is releasing it in many different versions auch as american and europrean PDF, a HUD for in-world reading and the articles posted in advance on the blog.

Right now he is searching for authors, looking for cool stories and profiles, invites to interesting events and so on. So if you want to contribute contact Miller Copeland in-world or visit the magazine homepage.

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