What megaprims can do for you

12 09 2006

Recently there has been some talk of Megaprims and how they have been created (e.g. over at 3pointd). But besides from just being a cool hack and being used for what is now called “map griefing” there are also useful things you can do with them.

Saijo City Saijo City Saijo City Saijo City

For instance, look at these photos which where made at Saijo City, a build created by Spin Martin. It actually looks like the far better version than what I tried to do back then with my Starhouse. It is basically two simwide sphere megaprims with some space and building textures on them. And what happens when you are inside that sphere? You will notice a complete different level of emersiveness as it’s hard to do without. Of course you can also build such constructs with smaller prims but you’d need quite a lot of them and texturing them will be a hard job. And while this “space simulation” is just a first experiment with these prims you can imagine what can arise from that when more and more people might use them to give their sims sort of a different atmosphere. It can definitely enhance a sim in various ways especially as adjustments to those are very limited, e.g. compared to settings in other virtual worlds such as Active Worlds (see this screenshot made by Crystalshard Foo).

Unfortunately though rumours say that Linden Lab is not happy with the existance of such prims. The reasons are probably of technical nature (once I think I’ve read something about problems with handshakes between sims as they only know about the prims in the neighboursims in the area of 10m) but still it would be cool to keep those. I at least would have some ideas in how to use them (ok, I don’t have an empty sim to play around with them but you can also try in smaller relations).

So who knows, maybe they will be gone with the next update which is, well, tomorrow…

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