CyberOne Course

6 09 2006

Thanks to Rikomatic for discovering the CyberOne Course announcement over at the Berkman Center homepage. I was actually waiting for that as it features a video I helped making by filming the SL parts. So congrats to the Berkman team to create that nice video out of it 🙂
(and they also use Crazytalk which maybe I slowly should get, too 🙂

For the actual description of the course I hand over again to Rikomatic’s post as he explained it nicely already.

CyberOne Screenshot

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8 09 2006
CyberOne: Law in the Court of Public Opinion » The Instructor Blog Begins

[…] First, long before the end of registration, both the Law School and Extension School sections of the course have filled completely. We only wish we had a way to know how many people are considering participating in some way in the online environment. That is almost certainly due in part to our trailer video (available on the front page of this site, hosted on BlipTV, and also on where it was posted by the author of the IvyGate blog). The trailer is primarily the work of Dean Jansen (who filmed and edited), Rodica Buzescu (who did SL design animation of our mouths), and Tao Takashi (who was the machinimist for the project). It has been viewed thousands of times already! […]

12 09 2006
Akela Talamasca

Tao, I just posted about this on SLI. Do you have any contact with Professor Nesson? I’d love to get an interview with him!

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