When Worlds connect

29 08 2006

Sometimes it’s quite nice to have some commuting to do especially when you have some podcasts to listen to or video blogs to watch on the train. So not long ago I came across Geek Entertainment TV I think because of Eric Rice aka Spin Martin in Second Life (as it seems to be his “neighbourhood” ) and only a few days ago I subscribed to it then.

And as you might have heard I was talking about Plone (an open source content management system written in Python which I use and being part of the development community) and it’s relationship to Burning Man in my latest (and first 😉 podcast. There I mentioned some guys of the Plone community having worked for Burning Man before.

And so it happened that I was watching the latest episode of Geek Entertainment TV on the train when Irina Slutsky (host of GETV) appeared on the screen interviewing Rob Miller of OpenPlans. I met Rob Miller myself 2 years ago at the Plone Conference in Vienna (see my photos of this event) and he actually is one of these three guys being active with Burning Man and Plone :-). And of course Burning Man is happening in Second Life, too (not sure though he knows that but I will certainly tell him). For that see Burning Life.

So coincidence and connections are all over 🙂 I want more of that! 🙂

PS: my Plone video reports (and other videos) are over at http://mrtopf.tv. Be warned though that it might get a bit lowlevel sometimes (and it’s not as sexy as GETV 😉 .

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2 responses

29 08 2006
irina slutsky

i’m so happy people watch the show. rob was really funny and smart could take it and give it right back!

30 08 2006

Oh, I guess lots of people watch your show, at least more than mrtopf.tv 😉
(as I am not the born interviewer as you might see there).

And yes, Rob is a cool guy. Hope to meet him soon again, hopefully at the Plone Conference in Seattle.

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