The Duran Duran Effect

27 08 2006

Sometimes it is of advantage to stay up late (sometimes it’s not as I notice this morning) to get hold of some interesting story. I was talking to Fizik Baskerville of Rivers Run Red and went over to Avalon as he wanted to show me something.

It happened to be some Duran Duran fans who hang out for quite a while at avalong waiting for the event (3pointd was talking about Duran Duran coming to Second Life here). Well, not really trying to be first in line but more so as meeting point for other Duranies and to eventually get hold of some information (as I read on the DD forum, Fizik was so kind to add some seating to the place). They told me that they did not hear about Second Life before and they just joined because somebody posted photos of the location in Avalon on the Duran Duran forums (you need to register to see it). And they quickly made their way through Second Life and eventually even got some land. This shows that this upcoming event does not only affect Second Life residents but also brings a complete new community into the world. And now I was meeting three of them at Avalon.

Of course they know quite exactly what the individual members of Duran Duran are up to, like that they like avenues apart from the norm as Grey Marquette tells me. They were also not very surprised to hear from Fizik that the small meet’n’greet with Nick Rhodes (keyboards) unfolded into a 7 hour SL session accompanied with chinese food. They were surprised though to hear that Andy Taylor was a fan of SL, too. And looking back to other bigger RL artists in Second Life it’s good to see that some of them finally use SL and try to learn about it before they have some appearance in there.

Fizik was adding to that as he tells us that Duran Duran really plays an active role in the whole project. He also points out that they are not just doing a concert (and he and Nick Rhodes are the creative directors for the SL appearance) but doing a whole Duran Duran world. And while those fans are eager to learn more about this world, Fizik was actually giving some hints.

These clues are the big poster with the montage on the wall, the mask on the ground (and suddenly on Fizik’s head) as well as the spray cans on the ground (see the photos below). There might be more to come as according to Fizik they are using the Duran Duran area on Avalon as a place to leave things they are working on.

So if you are a Duran Duran fan, you now know where to meet others and who knows, maybe you will be the one to solve the puzzle.

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8 responses

27 08 2006
CyFishy Traveler

Just to clarify–Duranies were flocking to Second Life the moment the news was announced on Duran Duran’s website. The pictures of Avalon that Maz posted were the catalyst for that specific area becoming a Duranie hangout, but we were already part of Second Life (for a little while, at least) before we came across the pictures.

27 08 2006

Ah ok, thanks for pointing that out ๐Ÿ™‚

28 08 2006
Grey Marquette

Thanks for the report, Tao! It was fun talking to you and Fizik. The conversation got me far more intrigued by the upcoming Duran world than I was before. Looking forward to reading more from you as time goes on. ๐Ÿ™‚

28 08 2006
Misty Durant

Over 130 of us on the Duran Duran Fan Community ( boards have signed up for SL, most of us within a couple of days of the announcement. I’m looking forward to figuring out the clues while waiting for Duran world to come into being!

30 08 2006
Julie Durant

I too am a member of DDM and have found that SL is alot of fun and I can’t wait for Duran Duran Island to take effect.

22 10 2006
The Duran Duran party with Nick Rhodes « Tao’s Thoughts on Second Life

[…] So the Duran Duran party, I talked about in a previous post is still going on. Nowadays you can find a lot of avatars dancing and partying on the avalon sim still waiting for the concert and the Duran Duran island/world to come. Rivers Run Red, who are responsible for this event, now transformed their Duran Duran pavillon into some sort of club area with dance balls and Duran Duran music. […]

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