Just discovered: Slatenight magazine

21 08 2006

When I was offline this morning I got some inventory delivered by Anya Ixchel, maybe know to you by being the female actor in Kronos Kirkorian’s Lip Flap movie (which was winning the Best Movie Award at the July take5 festival of alt-zoom studios).  It turned out to be the first issue of the in-world edition of the slatenight magazine. Here’s a little quote what it is about:

Slatenight is a monthly magazine  dedicated to showcasing the Arts, education, and all forms of entertainment in Second Life.  Covering topics such as photography, machinima, art, role-playing, new media, gaming, and including Second Life poetry and fiction, slatenight aims to be a guide to all things creative, imaginative and fun in SL. 

I just had a quick look over the first issue and it looks quite promising to me. It has stuff about fashion, some fiction, stories about education, an interview with BuhBuhCuh Fairchild and much more.

The magazine comes in various formats:

– an online edition at slatenight.com in a blog style (but without RSS feed 😦 )
– a PDF version (which actually for some reason stopped loading for me)
– and as mentioned an in-world version which can be found here (SL URL)

The layout of the PDF was done by the team of Dell Wilberg, Scarlet Singer and Richie Waves.
More information about the whole project can also be found at Anya Ixchel’s blog.

Reading the slatenight magazineSo actually I think it’s cool that it comes in different formats so you can choose what fits you best (but I really would like to have that RSS subscription possibility 🙂 ). I hope the PDF will download at some point (on the first try it actually crashed my browser, another point which actually speaks against PDFs) so I can have a look at that as well (but I guess the in-world version will be the same as the PDF).
The good thing of the in-world version is actually that you can zoom in more easily than with the PDF reader 😉

So looking forward to the next issue (and I missed the release party, doh)

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3 responses

22 08 2006

Thanks Tao 🙂 I love that snapshot of you in front of the magazine 🙂 We’ll be looking into rss feeds and a number of other feaures for the online edition so stay tuned! I’ll send persoanl invites out to next month’s party and add you to the list if you like *smile*

22 08 2006

I will stay tuned 🙂
And sure I would like to get an invite (just hope it’s at some european compatible time) 🙂

23 08 2006
Scarlet Singer

😀 woohoo! Heyas Tao ^-^
It was loads of fun working with Anya and Dell on this ^-~ and of course with Richie too 😛 but I always loveee working with him hehe.

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