Keynote Time and some late night summary

20 08 2006

I am still up to listen to the keynote at the SLCC and here’s my little summary.

Philip was mainly talking about his biography and how SL came into life πŸ™‚ Cory Linden was then showing Linden World a bit (videos are up here).

So cool stuff was said at the end at the keynote by Cory. It was mostly for the devs but it’s cool stuff for them as SL will get more and more open.

Main point is: libsecondlife, the SL protocol reverse engineering, is ok with Linden Lab. They want it and libsl devs are even invited to ask Linden Lab about things they don’t understand. On the other hand they will change the protocol quite a lot in the future and thus recent libsl will break but the new protocol will be XML based and thus easier to understand.

Additionally they are opening up data access like for parcel management so that you don’t need to login for just managing your parcels anymore. It’s all supposed to be ReST based. It also means that you don’t need additional “hacks” like libsl to do that.

20 devs are right now busy just making the product better like refactoring code dating back to 2001 etc. Thus the next releases won’t have that many new features but mostly internal bugfixes to make downtimes less etc.. Main features coming will be group management (next week) and pupeteering. They are also moving to a heterogenous grid which means that it can handle different client version at once and thus upgrades are not that mandatory anymore. They also switch to a two week update schedule as announced before.

UI is in the process of being defined via XML and soon residents will be able to translate it. Makes also internal changes easier.

Permission system will be restructered to some capability-based system. I guess we will see details on that posted someday in the future.

After question from the audience he was talking about justice a bit and how they are thinking that they alone cannot handle the big amount of incidents anymore to decide so the community somehow needs to be included into this process. But a big debate on this still needs to be done.

Question about the TOS and libsl: Right now the TOS does not allow for such third party apps like libsl. They said it will be changed to reflect that idea of opening up the protocol and allowing such third party apps.

Question about his favourite pie to Philip: He cannot say it.

Question was what meant with changing the message layer: Meant is here the internal protocol layer first not the IM stuff. But they are thinking about how to open up the IM system so you can IM from outside.

There was a bit more but I did not get all of it (but hopefully the most important) as it’s a bit late. Please be nice to me when something is not right and tell me about it πŸ™‚

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2 responses

20 08 2006
Torley Linden

Thanx for keepin’ me informed, Tao! Great sumup.

20 08 2006
Ansible Berkman

you’re a trooper, Tao. thanks a lot for staying up and reporting πŸ™‚

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