Close the forums NOW!

12 08 2006

For a long time there have been various general Second Life forums like “General” or “Sandbox” etc. With the recent announcement by Linden Lab to close these forums the main topic in there is of course just this fact. It even turns out that many people feel that it’s now time for personal attacks e.g. against Torley Linden. While many of these people seem to pretend to fight for a better “second” life it seems also apparent that respect for other people is not among the values they are fighting for.

The question to me here is how people can assume that doing personal attacks instead of well-written criticism should raise the value of the forums in any such way to make Linden Lab rethink their decision? And after all the forums have been more a means of self-display than of any useful discussion anyway (of course there have been some but you rarely see one). But for this purpose a personal blog should be a better tool.
And why now saying it’s all LL’s fault? It’s the fault of the flaming and insulting people which led to closing them. It’s maybe time to rethink that everything going wrong is only somebody’s else fault. It’s maybe also time to rething how criticism is voiced. Doing it in a civilized manner instead of an insulting one makes it even more probable to be heard.

But it seems people do not want to follow that line and thus I call for closing the forums immediately. Save us from another month of fruitless discussions and flamewars.

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2 responses

14 08 2006
Menno ophelia


17 08 2006
Scarlet Singer

I barely ever frequent the forums, when I do it’s in the gallery section only really
I just don’t have the patience for anything else but pictures I guess 😛 weee
nice post btw ^-~.

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